He’s doing that cute little head bop people do when they see babies or sth. Just awwwwwww


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liam bestowing his crown upon zayn during best song ever.

chicago, 8/30. [x]

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St. Louis, 27/08.

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can we just take a moment to appreciate how big liams hand looks on zayns cute little hips/waist .(。◕‿◕。).



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"When he came to the shoot he said ‘Harry desu! Arigatou!’ and tried to use the Japanese he remembered. When he heard an interesting word in the interview he’d immediately stop us and ask what it meant, and try to say it himself. This time he remembered how to say ‘Zutto aishiteru yo’ (I love you forever).”

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Luke playing with his lip ring ~

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The saga of confused Spaniards continues…

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